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Via Bonaccini 45
41011 Campogalliano (MO), Italy

the main office

the dedicated areas in the center

massage area

The main office has a room dedicated to massage, which through manipulation of different parts of the body, leads to muscle relaxation and the regaining of mental and physical well-being.

thai massage area

To relieve tension and clear energy blocks, we have created an area dedicated to Thai massage. Thai massage is practiced on a comfortable mat, the Thai futon, and involves stretching, compressing, pulling and swaying the body.

reflexology zone

Among other techniques, we also treat reflexology, which involves pressure and massage of specific areas of the feet with the ultimate goal of bringing benefits and positive effects to other areas of the human body.


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“A healthy spirit cannot live in a strained body.”


Via Bonaccini 45
41011 Campogalliano

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